Affordable Estate Sales - Helping Hands in Your Time of Need

Initial consultations are FREE
Set up and clean all items if needed
Stage and professionally price the items
Hold the sale
Completely dispose of all remaining items to resale companies or donating them
We are equipped to accept credit and debit card charges. 

All the advertising
Post the sale on our website plus pictures
Send out over 2500 email's to our regular customers
Post on Estate, Estate Sales.Net, Estate Sale.Com, face book, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google plus, Open Forum, and CraigsList.
All this is included in our fees of a flat rate of 35% of the gross sales for allotted set-up hours. After allotted set-up hours there is an hourly fee for excessive cleaning and set-up only.

You receive:
All the above plus
A contract agreement
A set date for your sale
Home cleared from unsold items unless otherwise contracted
A check
A sale summary
An inventory list of items posted at $35 and higher, and showing what they sold for.

Settle with client/s as quickly as possible, locally next business day, if out of state I ask for 5 business days after the sale to allow for mailing.

We keep on top of the changing prices and the general public's marketing habits so that we are able to get the best prices available. Items are researched for the best prices.

Hands on completely throughout the total sale from beginning to end making sure all is done to have a successful sale, happy client/s and happy buyers. The staff is very well trained to perform in a very professional manner.

We are happy to lend our helping hands to make things easier during a frustrating and overwhelming time. God Bless You.

The company is located in Port Richey, FL 34668

Phone: 727-810-4912

Hours:   Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM     Sat: 10AM - 5PM     Sun: Closed



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